Acoustic or Electric?

When people pass a music shop and see the window full of shiny guitars, it can be overwhelming.

You see the sleek and polished electric guitars on one side, then the clean and classic acoustics on the other. People often mistake the electric guitar and acoustic guitar as different instruments, but in fact they are the SAME. Although each holds their own tone and style, a true guitarist can pick up any piece and play his songs.

Some artists choose to only use one style of guitar to bring out their sound. Jimi Hendrix could have written “Purple Haze” with an acoustic guitar, but I think it’s safe to say we’re happy he picked up an electric.

If you are an aspiring musician who hopes to pick up a guitar one day, don’t be intimidated by what style to choose or play! Learning any instrument will teach you discipline and hard work, especially when you enjoy the instrument and it’s challenges. So next time you’re downtown shopping and you see a music shop, stop in and try something you haven’t before. Once you master an acoustic guitar you’ll have no trouble shredding an electric and record labels are sure to flock your way.


2 thoughts on “Acoustic or Electric?

  1. It really depends on you! An acoustic guitar will be physically harder to learn on, because the strings are harder to press down and your hand will need to build strength over time. That being said, many guitarist claim learning on an acoustic will make the transition to electric much easier. And as far as price goes, don’t think that buying an expensive model makes it easier to play. I have a guitar that I paid $50 dollars for at a pawn shop and it plays great! Any guitar you get your hands on will be a great starting point.


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