Songwriters Unite / Mac Demarco

Last week was a very busy week but I managed to make it to two amazing concerts.

mikaMy friend and musician Mika-Dawn was playing at the Garrick Hotel on November 4. She hit the stage to promote her debut album Oil Man that was released earlier this year.

Mika is a singer and guitarist from Pilot Mound, Manitoba. She’s been playing music most of her life and has gained a lot of popularity throughout the rural communities in Manitoba. She writes soft, soulful country lullabies that can make you want to sleep and cry all at the same time.

She played a short set and unfortunately I couldn’t stay for the entire show but the songs I did hear were great. She’s got a very (excuse the cliche) unique sound and it really does hypnotize you. She’s got a bright future ahead.

The second show I got to see was one I’ve been waiting months for. Mac Demarco finally graced Winnipeg with his presence on November 5 and he did not disappoint.

He was touring to play and promote his new album “Another One”. He delivered the classics as well, with over half the set coming from his other albums “2” and “Salad Days.”

It was an absolutely insane show, but one thing I didn’t like were the fans.

Winnipeg really showed how stupid some girls, and guys, can be. Crowd surfing is awesome, we all love seeing it. However, after 45 minutes of drunk fans constantly interrupting the show to get their turn on the surf, the rest of us were getting pretty annoyed.

Guys and girls were jumping on stage, grabbing Mac and literally interrupting the performance just to take a selfie. Luckily Mac very patient guy, but it really surprised me to see people acting so stupid. It’s great to have fun at a concert, that’s what their meant for. But respect the other people in the audience too, we all paid to be here and see the artist we love.

Other than the obnoxious teenagers that apparently can’t handle their beer, Mac’s concert was one of the best I’ve seen. I’m a self-admitted fanboy of his, so seeing the act in person was something special.

Enjoy the weekend, Cheers!


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