Weekend Blues

It’s getting cold in Winnipeg and lately I feel we’ve all been a little down. So today I’m gonna give you guys and gals some blues tracks to get you through the weekend.

This album is brand new (2015) and it’ll take you back to 1950. Leon Bridges’ debut album “Coming Home” is a bluesy-soulful melody that can make any cloudy day feel like summer. I’m not going to recommend one song because this is an album you NEED to listen front to back, no excuses!

Allen Stone is another one of my favourites and he’s also very young. Check out his album called “Radius”, it’s a great example of where modern soul music has migrated to. He has a cover of Marcy Playground’s Sex and Candy, and it’s one of my favourites to jam to on the acoustic.

Tony Bennett. I repeat. Tony-mother-flippin-Bennett. I can’t say enough about this man, so I’ll simply state he’s a beauty. A powerful voice that even makes me blush sometimes. This man broke a lot of hearts and sang a lot of tunes. Listen to “I Wanna Be Around” while you drink your first cup of coffee and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

This next track isn’t necessarily a blues song, but Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold” always puts me in a special place. It reminds me of being back home, jamming in the shack with a few buddies until the sun came up.

Next up is some Manitoba soul. The Brothers Landreth are a local band that’s gaining popularity fast. They’ve got amazing harmonies, and a brotherly bass and guitar duo that has me in awe every time I watch a performance. “Tappin’ on the Glass”, “Let it Lie,” and “I am the Fool” are three of my top tracks but you can’t go wrong with any of their music.

There you have it, my weekend blues cure. So wrap up in a blanket, or go streaking, whatever floats your boat. But whatever you’re wearing, check the tunes out and hopefully they give you the pick up they give me!



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