Tame Impala – Currents album review

currentsStraight from the outback and into your speakers, Tame Impala delivers with their 3rd studio album.

The Australian psychedelic rock band has been gaining popularity throughout North America and the world quickly since their first album. The newest addition to their resume is a shift from rock into a more dance-oriented and psychedelic sound.

The main group member Kevin Parker is a wildly talented musician and really took this album to a different place than his band’s previous album Lonerism.

Like the other Tame Impala albums Parker wrote, recorded, performed, and produced the album on his own at his home-studio in Fremantle, Western Australia. Despite delaying the release by two whole months to perfect each song, Parker’s hard work paid off and Currents debuted at number one in Australia and number three in the US earlier in 2015.

Personally I’m a huge fan of the band and Currents had me dancing in the living room. But if you’re a fan of their previous two albums you may feel shocked when you throw Currents on your turn-table. Parker was very vocal about the newest album’s production, saying he expected a strong reaction both for and against the project. Currents brings a new feel to the band and allowed them to play their music in many more venues than a rock-album. Currents has taken off and become a major club album in Europe. Some people have voiced that the new album is too pop-like and sounds like Tame Impala is straying away from the rock scene.

If you’re into sweeping synthesizers and echoing guitar melodies then Currents is definitely up your ally. Check them out! My last recommendation is make sure to listen with headphones ON and cranked to 11. Currents with 4/5 Stars on the spenny-scale.




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