New Freakin’ Website!

While I love WordPress with all my heart, it drains that very same heart to announce that I will be switching platforms to my personal website very soon.

I’ll keep everyone up to date on all of my social media, but the switch will be happening November 1, 2016. Again, links will be easily available.

I’ve decided to combine all of my projects into one resource so that I’m not asking people to check out five or six different websites just to see what I’m working on. So, that being said, on the new website you will be able to find:

Music (recorded by the transcendental Spencer Myers)

Podcasts (The Green Room and a brand-new podcast called the Fuzz Factory)


Events and Gigs

Links to YouTube and SoundCloud

and much, much, more.

Thanks for hangin’ in there, I’m very excited to get the website out to the public and share some of my work!

In the meantime, I implore you to check out one of my podcasts called The Fuzz Factory Podcast with my co-host Savannah Kelly. We’re available on iTunes or on WordPress at the link below.



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